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Gary Stein

Great points. The thing that has always struck me about sports is that they provide two things sorely lacking in a lot of lives: spontaneity and shared-experiences. The thing about spontaneity is under-explored. Borstein made the point in "The Image", and it still rings true--the more engineered our experiences, the greater our need for unplanned, unexpected, unscripted moments. The counterpoint to the Experience Economy is the Spontaneous Generation.


Thanks for this insight. Indeed, soccer is the ultimate suspense, just think of the penalty finish Germany-Argentinia. It seems some dialectic in this: the more high tech and interconnected we go the more we appreciate spontaenous experience. And mobile is driving this behavious, smarts mobs and so. Also think of the new trend of crafty people, MAKE by Tom O'Reilly or Crafty Girls by Oxygen Media.

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